Class Descriptions

Yoga Designed for Brain Longevity

Barbara Lowes

Memory loss is neither a normal nor a natural process of aging. We must take a proactive role in retaining the strength and vitality of our brain as we age. Just as our body needs strength and flexibility exercises to keep it fit – so does our brain. We will practice a slow flow yoga practice to encourage a sense of ease in the body and then we will learn a multi medical sensory meditation called Brain Aerobics or Kirtan Kriya. This is a powerful tool, scientifically proven by the best institutions in the world to improve your memory, focus, attention, clarity and vitality of the brain. It’s fun and easy to do and your brain is worth it!

Hatha Yoga

Cassia Daches

“Slow/Flow Hatha Yoga style class infuses multiple bodily postures (asanas), various breathing techniques (pranayama), and two meditation techniques (dhyana) with the goal of bringing about a sound, healthy body and a clear, peaceful mind. This yoga practice is designed to align and calm your mind, body, and spirit. Props and modifications are offered to invite students to find their optimal posture with increased ease and gentleness.

Class incorporate restorative and therapeutic postures, longer holds in a smaller number of postures, and guided movement with the breath. We practice the postures in ways to support our body’s natural desire to be balanced. Whether you’re new to yoga or perhaps recovering from an injury, this is the class for you! Each session may include:

• 50 minutes of Hatha Yoga

• 10 minutes of guided meditation

• The practice culminates with 15 minutes of vibrational sound healing “

Yoga Nidra Grounding into Vermont

Chad Patrick

“Join me in a deeply grounding Yoga Nidra class amidst the beauty of Vermont’s picturesque mountains. This OM festival setting serves as the perfect opportunity to absorb the sights, sounds, and sensations of the natural world around us, and to tap into the quiet stillness that can be found there. This session is an invitation to be present with yourself, to explore the movement and sensations of the body, and to cultivate ease in the mind.

Yoga Nidra is the practice of “”yogic sleep”” – a state of conscious relaxation that takes you into a deep, restful state of being. Through soothing, guided meditation, we will explore the subtle realms of the body and mind, and connect with the grounding energy of the earth beneath us. Our journey together will begin with gentle movement and breathing exercises, designed to release tension and bring a sense of balance to the system. We will then move into a series of guided visualizations and body scans, using the power of our imaginations to create a sense of safety and groundedness within the body.

Throughout the practice, you will be encouraged to drop into a state of deep relaxation, releasing any striving or efforting, and allowing yourself to simply be. Through this profound state of relaxation, we can connect more deeply with ourselves, dissolve stress and anxiety, and cultivate a sense of peace and tranquility that we can carry with us long after the class has ended.

This class is open to all levels of experience and is especially suited to those seeking to release stress and tension and connect with a deeper sense of presence and grounding. Come journey with me into the quiet stillness within, and emerge feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and fully embodied.”

Laughter Yoga

Dana Kaplan

“Laughter Yoga is a unique kind of mind-body exercise, which combines unconditional laughter with yogic breathing. Anyone can laugh without relying on humor, jokes or comedy. Laughter is initially simulated as a physical exercise while maintaining eye contact with others in the group and promoting childlike playfulness. In most cases this soon leads to real and contagious laughter. Science has proven that the body cannot differentiate between simulated and real laughter. Laughter Yoga is the only technique that allows adults to achieve sustained hearty laughter without involving cognitive thought. It bypasses the intellectual systems that normally act as a brake on natural laughter.

Scientifically, it has been proven that twenty minutes of laughter is sufficient to develop full physiological and psychological benefit. Some of the proven health benefits of Laugher Yoga include: Reduced stress levels; Boosting of the immune system; Reduced pain; Elevated mood; Happy brain chemistry; Improved circulation; & Greater feelings of kindness, joy, forgiveness & love.

Laughter Yoga is an easy, fun and super-effective way to release stress while inviting more joy into one’s life. It is appropriate for children of ALL ages and all levels of fitness. No prior experience is necessary. Come see for yourself why there are over 10,000 Laughter Clubs in over 120 countries around the world!”

Soften and savor

Felicia White

Students will use their breath to smooth the edge in each posture, learning to savor the moment while holding the poses. A great class to connect mind, body and breath by using the poses to open the inner energy channels.

Using Meridians & Pressure Points to Improve Asanas and Wellbeing

Janie Larmour

Zen Ki Yoga is a Japanese style of yoga based on shiatsu and acupuncture, using body movement to get the energy moving through the meridians. Key points help release congestion throughout the body, helping us to touch our toes, relax the spine, open the inner thighs and much more. Other points, help to relax the heart, get the bowels working more efficiently and give us more energy, etc. In this class, we work with the meridians with Zen Ki Yoga poses and also press into our related pressure points to help us go further in our yoga and improve overall health and wellbeing.

Home Fermentation demystified

Bear Crevier

This workshop teaches all of the basics of fermentation for health and vitality. Learn how to make kombucha, kimchi, sauerkraut, Hard cider, and vinegar. This workshop will help you learn how simple these processes are and teach you how to incorporate these fermented foods into your regular diet.

Herbal Tea Formulation

Bear Crevier

Come learn how to use todays most commonly available tea herbs to create blends to help gently treat a number of common health issues. Learn about how powerful our plant allies are and learn to connect with their energies and power.

Eclectic Sound Journey

Cassia Daches

“Sound Journey, through “Sound Baths,” conveys ancient rhythms and vibrations to heal mind, body, and spirit. Music therapy and chanting further our inner transmutation by employing “vibrational changes” in the central nervous system, which plays a role in the time-tested and science-backed brain, cognitive and mood benefits. Instructor Cassia transmits healing sound waves using singing quartz crystal bowls, a large, 28″” hand-crafted womb drum, a 34″” GONG, whimsical chimes, ancestral rattles, singing and chanting, and an energetic feather fan.

There are multiple benefits of a Sound Journey which provide the following:
~Facilitate deeper sleep & aid in pain management
~Find balance, quiet the mind & reduce stress
~Release blocked energy & past traumas
~Ignite creativity & connect to your higher self”

Feel-Good Flow QiGong

Chris Andrews

Join Chris in a simple yet powerful QiGong practice to relax and access your inner flow. By coordinating the breath, flowing movements and simple meditation techniques this experience will leave you feeling calm and connected.

The YogaShape Method

Samantha Grout

The YogaShape Method is based on traditional Hatha yoga with Pilates moves infused into the class.  We also focus on working our glutes and abs in every class.  This class is set to music.  Join Sam in this power yoga hatha based class. The YogaShape Method focuses on stretching, balancing, and helps you become more toned and flexible.  YogaShape will get you in shape as it works your entire body and we target those trouble areas like abs, glutes, and thighs. 

Connection to self through the subtle body

Crystal Sorrell

“Join Crystal Sorrell for a chakra exploration workshop.
In this workshop we will be diving into the subtle body.
Through yoga, mantra, visualization meditation, pranayama, and sound healing
we will be connecting to, exploring, bringing balance to, and understanding the energetic system more deeply.

I like to think of the chakra system as a blueprint of the energetic body. Each chakra is related to a theme that shows up in our life.
We may be deficient in energy in certain chakras or have an excessive amount of energy in others. When we can support our energy in finding balance, we then can see and feel the ripple effects of that balance in our physical body, our mind, our presence, our relationship with ourselves and others, and how in which we show up in the world.

My hope is for you to leave this introduction workshop feeling more connected to the subtle body within you. “

Yoga Chanting Workshop

Evan Leontis

This workshop is an introduction to the wonderful world of yoga chanting. Led by singer, voice teacher, and yoga teacher Evan Leontis, you will learn how to use your voice more fully and experience the power of chanting in a group. During this workshop we will prime the body for singing with some gentle movement, warm up our voices so we can explore how to best use them, learn some chants together and experience a chakra chanting meditation.

Discover Your Sensory Superpower!

Emma Andrews

Join Intuitive Emma Andrews to discover your Sensory Superpower! This workshop will help you to experience deeper states of presence, relaxation and connection in your life!

Live Intuitive Reading

Emma Andrews

Learn about the power of Intuition by seeing a professional intuitive at work. Come with questions and an open mind!

Bhakti Infused Yin Yoga Workshop

Jo Kirsch

Bhakti Yoga is the yoga of the heart. Yin Yoga is a deeply grounding practice based on acceptance and stillness. We will begin this workshop chanting mantras to connect with your heart’s desire. With an open heart, you will be invited to set an intention that you will cultivate and nourish throughout class and beyond. You will be guided through a series of hip and heart opening poses, twisting poses and deep rest. Each pose will be held for 3 to 6 minutes, so that physical and emotional release can happen at the level of the connective tissue and fascia. Meditative poetry and music will be played throughout the workshop deepening your experience. We will close the workshop chanting heart opening peaceful mantras that touch and bless your soul with love and truth.


led by Anthony Profeta & Dana Kaplan

Bhakti Flow

Kelly Skinner & Dana Kaplan

Bhakti yoga is the practice of devotion and offers an opportunity to add depth and dimension to your asana practice. A dynamic Vinyasa flow is the core of this class, inviting students to move with intention and in rhythm with the breath. This soulful style of yoga is rooted in yogic philosophy and wisdom, and infused with mantras and insights on how to expand your yoga practice beyond the mat and into everyday life. Class begins and/or ends with live harmonium music and beautiful kirtan (melodic Sanskrit chanting) to set the tone for an uplifting journey into mind, body, and spirit. Bhakti is a celebration of and surrender to the divine within each and every being. Come with an open mind and heart, and leave feeling revitalized and re-inspired.

Dial Into the Yin Within

Kate Hunt

Kate The Great will guide you through a meditative style yin yoga experience to nurture your mind, body and soul. We will tap into the spiritual mountain energy to feel grounded as we embark on an inward journey to a deeper state of calm and relaxation where our healing begins. We will shift our festival gears down to slow, as we target the deep fascia matrix during longer held asanas with an intention set to release any stress or tension held in our body. Afterwards, feeling uplifted and reenergized, you all will be ready to flow through the rest of the day and dance the night away. Bring a friend, this class is suitable for all levels.

Blindfold Journey: into the void

Liz Ridgely

Enter the womb, the cosmic void. Where are things are created. This journey will invite you to expand into your multi-dimensional existence. You will be guided into the void with a blindfold ritual and move intuitively while also being guided and held by music.

Ecstatic Dance: Quantum Heart Portal

Liz Ridgely

An ecstatic dance journey to enter the portal of your heart. Open up to the full spectrum of your being by experiencing your multi-dimensional existence through free and conscious movement.

Sex Yoga How Yoga Can Improve Your Sex Life.

Kama Kat


Kat is a private yoga teacher specializing in sex energy. Kama Kat Yoga is how she helps her clients to reduce stress, enhance intimacy, and overcome dysfunction. She teaches simple, alignment-based yoga with an emphasis on cultivating sexual energy. Her work has been featured by platforms like the Sex Expo, The Doctors TV Show, and Playboy TV.

YinYasa Yoga with Kit Savage Yoga

Kit Savage

Join kit for a YinYasa class. Using blues and soul tunes. Yogis will explore both yin poses and a flow at their pace. Ending with an extended guided meditation intended to rest the mind and open up your intuition. For when we let the analytic mind rest – there’s unlimited potential for the body to lead us to our desires.

Movement, Mantra, & Manifestation

Kelly Skinner

This workshop weaves together yoga, breath work, mantra meditation, and journaling in a potent process to help you manifest your deepest desires, align with your authentic self, and become the highest version of YOU.

Tantric Dance

Liz Ridgely

Tantric dance is a movement practice weaved with dynamic tantra. The practice invites intuitive movement while using breath, sound, touch and somatics to open up the energy channels, clear blockages and experience freedom. The most radical act is opening up to your pleasure – the true nature of our existence.

Sacred Soul Space with Mandee Elam, Intuitive Ascension Guide

Mandee Elam

Join Intuitive Ascension Guide, Mandee Elam of Sea Goddess Healing Arts for 75 minutes of Self Love, Self Care, Soul Inquiry and Peaceful Moments. During Soul Space, Mandee will call upon the Divine Spirits to set Sacred Soul Space, share Soul-inspired lessons, tools and healing energies to support your Soul’s journey. Come with an open mind and heart. Willingness to share is encouraged, but not required. Holding space is just as holy. This event will include Sacred Circle, Group Messages/Readings from Spirit, Soul Inquiry, Self Care, EFT Tapping Techniques and Aromatherapy.

Shadow Twerk Workshop, with Intuitive Ascension Guide, Mandee Elam and Mermaid in the Mountains, Lexi Duquette

Mandee Elam

Join Intuitive Ascension Guide, Mandee Elam and Mermaid in the Mountains, Lexi Duquette for a 75 minute deep dive into Shadow Work! Shadow Work is worth the investment of your time and energy. It sounds scary, but really it is an opportunity to heal what’s blocking you and to begin walking toward the light at the end of the tunnel. You will receive lessons and Shadow TwerkOuts to add to your personal toolbox, while being held by others working on their shadows. Come with an open mind and heart. Willingness to share is encouraged, but not required. Holding space is just as holy. Looking forward to shining light into the shadows with you!

Psycehdelic Breathwork

Monica & Kendall

“Psychedelic Breathwork is a simple method for creating physiological symptoms in conjunction with meditation to enhance the sense of a spiritual experience. Psychedelic Breathwork is a highly experiential, powerful method to help you understand yourself better, that combines fast, deep, and circular breathing, evocative music, & group sharing. The emphasis is on creating a safe space in which each participant can enter an expanded state of consciousness, and surrender fully to all the sensations, feelings, energy movement, visions, memories.

Discussion: How Psychedelic Breathwork was developed as a method of entering non-ordinary states of consciousness. Kind of experiences that are possible during a Breathwork experience.

Experience: 60-min Psychedelic Breath

Integration: Savasana”

Supernatural Sleep (420 yogic sleep + reiki)

Monica & Kendall

Experience Reiki energy healing in conjunction with Yoga Nidra. We’ll activate your supernatural sleep to access deeper states of consciousness to rewire subconscious patterns and introduce new perspectives to daily living. BYOwn delight.

Revolve and Evolve: All-Levels ‘Washing Machine’ Class

Morgan Kelley & Sarah Feinberg

In acroyoga, washing machines are a series of poses and transitions that connect together and repeat to create a continuous flow. Whether you’re new to acro, or have some experience, this class is designed to challenge and inspire you. Together, we’ll unlock the secrets of smooth transitions, cultivate body awareness, and create captivating sequences. Let’s dive in to revolve and evolve our acro practice!

Balancing Act: A Journey into Counterbalance for All Levels

Morgan Kelley & Sarah Feinberg

Experience the dynamic interplay of body alignment and shared weight as we explore the beauty of counterbalance. Discover how mutual support and trust enhance our ability to find harmony and stability in partnered movement. This class welcomes beginners and seasoned practitioners alike, offering a space to deepen your understanding of counterbalance while cultivating a sense of connection and collaboration. Get ready to explore new dimensions of balance and create awe-inspiring shapes together in a supportive and uplifting environment.

How to Build a Relationship with Your Angels, Ancestors, & Spirit Guides with Intuitive Ascension Guide, Mandee Elam

Mandee Elam

Join Intuitive Ascension Guide Mandee Elam of Sea Goddess Healing Arts for a 75 minute workshop on how to build a relationship with your Spirit team. Learn more about the meanings of signs we receive from Spirit. Angels are your best friends, cheerleaders and guides. They can and will come to support you in all kinds of ways. Often a mix of Angels, Ancestors, Animals, Extraterrestrials, Elements, Elementals, Energies and other Multi-Dimensional Beings, your team is here to help you navigate this lifetime and grow as a Soul. During this workshop Mandee will guide you in discovering how to build a relationship with your Spirit Team, learn to interpret their signs, and develop more trust with spirit.

Elevate and Connect

Morgan Kelley & Sarah Feinberg

Discover the magic of AcroYoga in our beginner-focused workshop! This experience is designed for those new to AcroYoga, however all levels are welcome to join us. This is a welcoming environment to explore the foundations of this uplifting practice. Learn to fly, base, and spot with confidence as our instructors guide you through the basics. Unleash your inner acrobat, connect with others, and embark on a journey of balance, trust, and joy. No experience required- just come with an open mind and willingness to explore the possibilities of AcroYoga.

Heels over Head: Exploring Inversions in Acroyoga

Morgan Kelley & Sarah Feinberg

Get ready to flip your perspective and unlock the power of inversions in our dynamic AcroYoga class! This unique session is specifically designed to empower students to embrace the thrill of going upside down. We’ll build on the foundations of headstand and handstand practices, while allowing you to discover newfound strength and balance. Get ready to surprise yourself as we explore ways to defy gravity and create sensational shapes. Whether you’re a beginner or have some experience with inversions, this class is all about embracing the joy of turning your world upside down.

Primal Flow Yoga with Mark Longenecker

Mark Longenecker

Primal Flow yoga is the re-awakening of our primal nature. This works by releasing our blocked energy and uniting our sacred masculine energy wit hour divine feminine energy.

Primal Movement Flow

Macy Petty

Macy will be leading us through a flow of connection within our bodies and with the nature surrounding us. She has created a primal flow that shifts the mundane of life to magic. This Primal (Vinyasa/ecstatic) Flow is to help you break your habitual movements. The goal is to create unique, innate movements that will strengthen your physique, usher spiritual health, equanimity, healing and self-empowerment.

Primal Ecstatic Dance

Macy Petty

“Im excited to share that my partner and I are doing this solely to bring people together!
Max Havens is your DJ and Macy will be your Movement Facilitator.
Get ready for a fire dance party!
Its a free-form, not structured dance space: In its most elemental definition it’s a free-form dance movement inspired and led by carefully crafted music with the intention of creating a healing journey. No dance experience or partner is necessary or needed.
The event is inclusive of all types of people, ages and backgrounds. You might see parents bring their kids to ecstatic dance or seniors bustin’ a move. Everybody is welcome.
Ecstatic Dance is an inner/outer journey, an authentic moving meditation where true Presence is experienced. It creates a direct body-mind-spirit connection, allowing our body and inner guide to be our own teachers.
Since ecstatic dance is a form of movement, it gets the endorphins flowing. And it’s common to experience a bit of a high during an ecstatic dance ceremony (similar to a runner’s high), experts say, especially since the movement is so fast and free-flowing.
No drugs or alcohol.
No shoes are worn
No words are said.
Dancers follow the footsteps of their ancestors and express themselves with their bodies and spirit! There is no right or wrong way. Use your movements to unwind, express and to reach an ecstatic meditative state! Participants feel a connection with their fellow dancers and the world!”

Vermont Yoga Festival, The OM Festival Vermont, Manchester Vermont Yoga, ecstatic dance vermont, Vermont yoga festival Vendor


Vikrant Rana & Samantha Grout.

Join us as we come together after 5 magical days together. This yearly retreat festival experience has been created to help you set your intentions, reset and renew your mind, body and soul in Vermont. Get ready for OM24!

Shakti flow

Radharani Bissland

Shakti flow will be focused on Surya Namaskar (Sun salutations” along with a focus on. The root and sacred chakra to awaken the shakti (power) divine feminine with in.

Meet Your ESP – Extraordinary Spiritual Partners

Diane Rivera & Rev. Judi Weaver

“Are you seeking clarity and guidance to know what your best interest is?
We live in a magical world, where we entered into our human experience with the precious gift of having Extraordinary Spiritual Partners, such as Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, many other Angelic Helpers, Masters, Teachers, and Ancestors. They are here to enhance our experiences by providing guidance, support, and assistance to live with happiness, abundance and LOVE.
During the second day of this class, you will be guided into the etheric plane with the ascension energies, so that you can use your senses to personally experience the love energies and influences of your Extraordinary Spiritual Partners. By getting to meet and know who they are, you will grow your personal relationships with them.
International Spiritual Trance Channel Rev. Judi Weaver will alter her state of consciousness to allow for these Angelic Beings to use her physical body to offer the group and specific guidance messages. Psychic Medium Diane Rivera will hold an Angelic frequency to share intuitive impressions and soul messages for you. Your E.S.P. have always been available to positively influence your thoughts, actions and interactions thereby, improving relationships within your daily lives. Patience and persistence, the methods learned in this session will connect you so they can assist you in living your best life. They have been waiting to work with you directly
This workshop may be taken independently or as the final step of preparation for following your Ascending into Consciousness development. “

Sound Healing Meditation & Purification

Diane Rivera & Rev. Judi Weaver

“In this Powerful Healing Circle, you will be guided to restore harmony into your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies through Sacred Sound and Trance Channeled Energies. This celestial gathering will include a transition through time and space, allowing each guest to attune his or her vibrations to a higher frequency, to match Universal Light and Love Energies allowing penetration of old patterns and challenges birthing new pathways for awakening.

You will experience a deep vibrational attunement with the use of sound, tone frequencies and crystal bowls. Healing energies will be established, and held throughout a Meditation, which allows students a gentle passing into an altered state of consciousness. This level of consciousness supports a harmonic shift to take place within awakening each person aligning them into this phenomenal vibration of Self. Personal peace, balance and internal harmony will be restored ethereally for an energetic recalibration of their internal life force energies supporting mind, body, and spirit.

Join International Spiritual Trance Channel Rev. Judi Weaver and Psychic Medium Diane Rivera as they guide you to your highest etheric potential. This Divinely inspired Soul Transmutation Healing allows for a molecular cleansing and purification of dense energetic debris, as your first step to prepare you for your spiritual “Ascension into Consciousness” weekend journey. The Sound Healing Meditation & Purification may be taken independently or as required of the three-part series for your highest development and spiritual growth. “

Get Empowered with Neuro-Energy Tapping

Suzanne Gundersen

Naturally reprogram your unresolved past & process in the moment triggers into peace & wisdom
(60-minute interactive group class)
Join this great workshop to learn one effortless technique that helps you reprogram your stress, have
better relationships, improved health, and more abundance, all at your fingertips, literally!
The momentum of life is intense. We are living overstimulated, moving from one stress to the
next. While our body has a great ability to protect us from stress, unresolved stress can remain in the
body’s energy system, creating an imbalance that presents itself as pain and disease (emotional,
mental, physical).
Neuro Energy Tapping, a self-use acupressure technique shifts how you feel and experience your stress.
Tapping transforms unresolved past into peace and wisdom. Learn to how to quickly calm internal chaos,
clear outdated and limiting patterns (thoughts, behaviors, beliefs) & gain a new perspective that offers you
choice in how you engage with life.

see full description here…

Stillness and release through yin yoga

Toni Ferrarie

“Suitable for all levels. Yin Yoga invites you to slow down and create space for stillness while nourishing joints, ligaments, tendons and fascia. Yin is yoga at its coolest, deepest, quietest, stillest moments.
You will learn about the practice of Yin Yoga and how to release and be present as we move through the asana.
We will engage deeply and give way to a relaxing mindful journey as we melt into shapes that dissolve tension.
This class will focus on the release of tension primarily in the hips and lower back. Poses are held for 2-5 minutes allowing joints and fascia to release.
You will be prompted to use mindfulness techniques that will allow you to be fully present in your practice. You will walk away relaxed and restored.”

Reaping the Rewards of Venus Retrograde with Professional Astrologer, Ursula Duffy

Ursula Duffy

Venus is retrograde from July 22, 2023 until September 3, 2023. Join Professional Astrologer Ursula Duffy of Sea Goddess Healing arts for a 75 minute interactive workshop. Learn about Venus Retrograde and how to tune into your Soul’s current experience. Learn how to use Astrology and your natal chart to reveal what Venus is trying to teach you. Co-create more magick in your life during these powerful times! You’re invited to share and encouraged to bring your birth information (date, time and location), but not required. Come with an open mind and heart!

Sound Bowls Healing: Tantra and Kundalini Connection

Vikrant Rana

An authentication of relationship between sound bowls and Kundalini through the real experience of Tantra bowls and guided meditation. Visualization of various deities, lights and colors and super imposition of energy healing to uplift the energy that is in the Kunda(Well). Communication with universe through the vibration of again, Tantra Bowls and recognition of Kula devta, meaning the primordial protecting energy.

Avadhuta: The liberated One

Vikrant Rana

Talks of Jyana Yoga, the knowledge of Knowing and Realizing the self. How rituals and spiritual practices help guide us to this Ultimate Truth. Experience Sharing of Participants and question answers on Eastern spiritual path will be included

Divine Love Activation

Diane Rivera & Rev. Judi Weaver

“During this Divine Love gathering, you will be guided through the phases of formulation, function and into fruition! You will learn specific strategies, tools and techniques to work with your Extraordinary Spiritual Partners and have access to understanding their messages.
Through this life-altering session You will experience a deep connection to sense, and experience Divine Love. We will use a culmination of the previous workshops as a foundation to draw from, ignite and then accelerate your brilliant beacon of light withing each of you to be to be illuminated.
You will experience sound, vibration, tone, and receive trance channeled messages from your Extraordinary Spiritual Partners, and other Divine Beings. These phenomenal Love energies will share frequency alignments, light language messages to transmute your crystalline DNA structure. You will feel moved through this spiritual transfiguration as you access your etheric body and awaken your Divine Love Light Force Energies. This is a profound awakening experience that your Spiritual team has guided you to do!
This Ascending Consciousness Weekend and Divine Love Activation provides an experiential interaction for cleansing, balancing, and guidance. You will receive tools and techniques to access Divine healing. You will transmute energies for your Soul’s expansion and evolution. This is an amazing gift to Self or as a Lightworker seeking to upgrade personal skills, and capabilities for Spiritual Service practices.
Note: The Divine Love Activation workshop can only be taken after the Sound Healing Meditation & Purification and Meet Your ESP – Extraordinary Spiritual Partners. “


Sama Shakti

“Dance, Yoga, Music.
BODY SOUL FLOW is a 75min experience of embodying the duality of strength and surrender. You will find deep connection through pranayama and asana, dance will energize and create freedom in the body as Sama guides simple choreography mixed wit intuitive movements and then a short performance of original music and mantra chanting collectively raise our vibrations. ”

Goddess Empowerment Flow

Sama Shakti

Unleash your inner goddess with a combination of gentle yoga and primal dance. Sama will guide you through pranayama, energizing movements and vocalizations that will wake up your kundalini energy. You will harness your power and feel alive in every cell of your Being!

Your body is hardly your body – Gut and skin microbiome for healthy you.

Sudhir Shah

Our microbiota is the community of micro-organisms (such as fungi, bacteria, and viruses) that exist in our Gut and on our skin. We will explore these tiny organisms and how they can contribute to our health and wellness.

Somatic Release with TRE Workshop

Suzanne Gundersen

description found here…

Manifest Money with Energy Tapping

Suzanne Gundersen

‒ YOU ARE WHAT YOU BELIEVE. Traditional beliefs and old stories about money keep
us stuck in a lower vibration, than the immensely valuable version of who we truly are.
‒ YOU ARE WHAT YOU DON’T WANT. What you don’t want is the strongest force in
the universe, keeping you from what you do want (financial prosperity).
‒ WE LIVE LIFE FROM INSIDE OUT. Unsettled, unresolve, emotionally challenging
experiences about money live within you, keeping you from receiving your true value.

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Stellar Radiance – Venus Retrograde Edition with Intuitive Ascension Guide, Mandee Elam and Professional Astrologer, Ursula Duffy

Ursula Duffy

Join Intuitive Ascension Guide, Mandee Elam and Professional Astrologer, Ursula Duffy of Sea Goddess Healing Arts for a special group healing event called Stellar Radiance. Polish your Soul from the inside out with Astrological guidance from Ursula and Angelic Messages from Mandee. This 75 minute experience will include a Transmutive 5D Chakra and Angelic Reiki Balancing Meditation with Venus, Soul-Inspired Lessons related to Venus, as well as, Soul Messages and Moments with Spirit. We invite you to come as you are, in comfortable clothing with an open mind and an open heart. Willingness to share is encouraged, but not required. Holding space is just as holy.

Magickal You-niverse – An Astrology Lounge with Professional Astrologer, Ursula Duffy

Ursula Duffy

The only constant in the Cosmos is change. Join Professional Astrologer Ursula Duffy of Sea Goddess Healing Arts. The planets, luminaries and stars are in constant motion, creating a collective experience as well as a very individual experience relative to our own natal chart imprint, or our own You-niverse. Join Ursula for this 75 minute Astrology lounge during which we’ll kick back, talk about current energies and dive into our own magickal experiences with the Cosmic vibe. Mini-readings are available to participants. Come ready to share and with your birth information (date, time and location)!

Fire Walking Workshop – Ignite The Phoenix* (Extra Fee). Note, you must purchase an OM Festival pass in addition to this workshop to attend.  PLEASE NO DRUGS OR DRINKING OF ANY KIND BEFORE ATTENDING THIS WORKSHOP!

Carolyn Phinney

During Ignite the Phoenix, you will feel the vibrancy of life coursing through your being as you awaken your inner creative power. Through this profound activation, you will attract abundance, love, and success into your reality, claiming your divine Power and stepping into the role of the Firewalker—a symbol of strength, empowerment, and unlimited possibilities.

Swar to God Bhakti Yoga

Swardas Meghva

Bhakti Yoga prying kirtan Bhakti Bhajan