Class Descriptions

Mark Longenecker

Primal Flow Yoga with Mark Longenecker

Primal Flow yoga is the re-awakening of our primal nature. This works by releasing our blocked energy and uniting our sacred masculine energy wit hour divine feminine energy.

Kishori & the Kartels – Kishori (Kelly) Skinner

Bhakti Flow

Bhakti yoga is the practice of devotion and offers an opportunity to add depth and dimension to your asana practice. A dynamic Vinyasa flow is the core of this class, inviting students to move with intention and in rhythm with the breath. This soulful style of yoga is rooted in yogic philosophy and wisdom, and infused with mantras and insights on how to expand your yoga practice beyond the mat and into everyday life. Class begins and/or ends with live harmonium music and beautiful kirtan (melodic Sanskrit chanting) to set the tone for an uplifting journey into mind, body, and spirit. Bhakti is a celebration of and surrender to the divine within each and every being. Come with an open mind and heart, and leave feeling revitalized and re-inspired.

Liz Ridgely

Body Temple: A Tantric Dance Workshop

“This workshop will focus on exploration of the central energy pillar in our spine known as Sushumna. This nadi or meridian is a conduit for energy from Heaven to Earth and back again that runs down the middle of the spine, connecting all chakras from root to crown.
The workshop will combine traditional tantric techniques, Qi-Gong, somatic experiencing, and ecstatic/intuitive dance to support practitioners in gaining more pranic awareness, clearing energetic blockages, developing more somatic intelligence, find stability and awaken to the luminosity within. ”


Slow Motion Potion – a slow + spicy vinyasa class

“This practice will invite you to slow down and feel the power of each subtle movement in a spicy vinyasa flow. Moving slowly in practice does not mean easy: it is a skill, it is pleasurable and it asks for more discipline. It is powerful when we consciously slow down and FEEL the feedback from our bodies (physical, emotional, energetic, mental and bliss bodies)

We will be focusing on side body opening, somatic awareness and breath intelligence. The practice will be intentionally cued and sequenced to take you deeper into yourself and support connecting to your inner luminosity. ”


Inner Union: Discovering your Innate Wholeness

Al Jameson

The Dragonfly Path – Integrating After A Transformational Experience

“Have you ever needed a process to help you integrate after a transformational experience?

The Dragonfly Path is a 90-day self-realization and integration journey using the principle of habits leading to experiences and experiences leading to creations. Rooted in the fundamentals of the Four Agreements and learning to be the observer, you will develop the skills necessary to guide your inner self and vibrate at a higher level.

You will leave with journal prompts and feel empowered that your transformational experience will translate to your daily life.”

Vikrant Rana

Tantric Kundalini Awakening

I haven’t designed the classes yet. Once the dates are near I will submit the description.


Healing The Self With Sound

I haven’t designed the classes yet. Once the dates are near I will submit the description.


Guided Meditation: The path of Non-duality

I haven’t designed the classes yet. Once the dates are near I will submit the description.

Dana Kaplan

Laughter Yoga and Yoga Nidra (Known for her Yoga Nidra)

“Laughter Yoga is a unique kind of mind-body exercise, which combines unconditional laughter with yogic breathing. Anyone can laugh without relying on humor, jokes or comedy. Laughter is initially simulated as a physical exercise while maintaining eye contact with others in the group and promoting childlike playfulness. In most cases this soon leads to real and contagious laughter. Science has proven that the body cannot differentiate between simulated and real laughter. Laughter Yoga is the only technique that allows adults to achieve sustained hearty laughter without involving cognitive thought. It bypasses the intellectual systems that normally act as a brake on natural laughter.

Scientifically, it has been proven that twenty minutes of laughter is sufficient to develop full physiological and psychological benefit. Some of the proven health benefits of Laugher Yoga include: Reduced stress levels; Boosting of the immune system; Reduced pain; Elevated mood; Happy brain chemistry; Improved circulation; & Greater feelings of kindness, joy, forgiveness & love.

Laughter Yoga is an easy, fun and super-effective way to release stress while inviting more joy into one’s life. It is appropriate for children of ALL ages and all levels of fitness. No prior experience is necessary. Come see for yourself why there are over 10,000 Laughter Clubs in over 120 countries around the world!”

Chad Patrick

Yoga Nidra Grounding into Vermont

“Join me in a deeply grounding Yoga Nidra class amidst the beauty of Vermont’s picturesque mountains. This OM festival setting serves as the perfect opportunity to absorb the sights, sounds, and sensations of the natural world around us, and to tap into the quiet stillness that can be found there. This session is an invitation to be present with yourself, to explore the movement and sensations of the body, and to cultivate ease in the mind.

Yoga Nidra is the practice of “”yogic sleep”” – a state of conscious relaxation that takes you into a deep, restful state of being. Through soothing, guided meditation, we will explore the subtle realms of the body and mind, and connect with the grounding energy of the earth beneath us. Our journey together will begin with gentle movement and breathing exercises, designed to release tension and bring a sense of balance to the system. We will then move into a series of guided visualizations and body scans, using the power of our imaginations to create a sense of safety and groundedness within the body.

Throughout the practice, you will be encouraged to drop into a state of deep relaxation, releasing any striving or efforting, and allowing yourself to simply be. Through this profound state of relaxation, we can connect more deeply with ourselves, dissolve stress and anxiety, and cultivate a sense of peace and tranquility that we can carry with us long after the class has ended.

This class is open to all levels of experience and is especially suited to those seeking to release stress and tension and connect with a deeper sense of presence and grounding. Come journey with me into the quiet stillness within, and emerge feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and fully embodied.”


Vinyasa Flow 1-2

“Yoga is a practice that is deeply rooted in spiritual, mental, and physical wellness. It helps to connect the mind, body, and spirit, promoting flexibility, strength, balance, and emotional well-being. Vinyasa yoga is a dynamic flow practice that will synchronize breath and movement. It will be an invigorating and transformative practice that helps to build physical and mental resilience. This class is designed to teach students the basic principles of vinyasa yoga while focusing on opening the heart and cultivating the breath.
This class will be designed to help students integrate their breathing, movement, and intention. The focus is on creating an internal heat that helps to enhance the flow of oxygen and nourishing energy throughout the body. This class will also help students to develop a deeper connection with their breath and move beyond their physical limitations.
The class will begin with a brief grounding sequence, followed by a warm-up sequence that will prepare the body for the vinyasa flow. Opening the body through sun salutations that will be used to stimulate the breath and create a sense of space in the body. The focus will then shift to a standing sequence that will help to cultivate stability and build strength. This sequence will include warrior poses, lunges, and balancing postures.
Heart-opening poses will be offered through the practice and these poses will help to open the chest, shoulders, and upper back, inviting a sense of ease and courage. Closing with seated bends and twists to calm the mind and ease tension in the body. This yoga vinyasa flow class will be designed to support students in cultivating a greater sense of presence, self-awareness, and compassion for themselves and others. The focus on opening the heart and cultivating the breath will help students bring harmony and balance to their physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects. With regular practice, students can expect to experience increased strength, flexibility, and improved overall well-being.”

Swardas Meghva

Swar to God Bhakti Yoga

Bhakti Yoga prying kirtan Bhakti Bhajan


Teaching Bhakti Yoga

Anybody can join


led by


YouMeWe Ecstatic Vocal Yoga with Cornflower

“YouMeWe Ecstatic Vocal Yoga Experience with Cornflower. This experience assists the individual to uncover and harness their authentic voice in a “mistake-free zone” and developing more inspiring, conscious, heart-centered relationships with themselves and their Community.

“One of the simplest and most direct ways of praying and meditating is through singing and singing in community is exceptionally powerful.”
~ Bobby McFerrin”

Lan Scott


Let’s explore body awareness through slackline!

Jamil Apostol

Live Kirtan

“Experience the transformative power of Kirtan with Janardana Das, a masterful musician and devoted spiritual practitioner. Join us for an enchanting evening filled with soul-stirring melodies, rhythmic drumming, and heart-opening chants. Janardana’s dynamic presence and infectious energy create an atmosphere of joy, unity, and transcendence as we come together to connect with the divine through the ancient practice of Kirtan.

Immerse yourself in the sacred vibrations of mantra chanting as Janardana leads us on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening. With his soulful voice and expert musicianship, he effortlessly guides participants into a state of deep meditation and blissful harmony. Whether you’re new to Kirtan or a seasoned practitioner, Janardana’s inclusive approach welcomes all to join in this uplifting celebration of love and devotion.

As the rhythms of the tabla and harmonium intertwine with Janardana’s melodious vocals, you’ll be transported to a realm of inner peace and tranquility. Let go of your worries and immerse yourself in the timeless melodies of the heart as we chant, dance, and surrender to the divine presence within and around us. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the magic of live Kirtan with Janardana Das and awaken your spirit to the beauty of Bhakti Yoga.”

Matthew Andrews

Secrets of the Veda – Ancient Teachings for Modern Living

“Have you heard of the Rig Veda? It’s the root text of the Sanskritic yoga traditions. It’s been widely neglected and poorly understood by most modern yoga practitioners. But its symbols conceal a cosmology and practical teachings about psychology, spiritual aspiration, and human evolution.

100 years ago Sri Aurobindo brought revelatory insights to this ancient text. In this 75 minute workshop, Matthew will share these insights and their immediate implications for life in our modern world.”

Life and Death in the Katha Upanishad

“The Katha Upanishad is a treasure trove of profound revelations about life, death, pleasure, pain, longing, and realization. It captures the spirit of the Upanishads in a direct and immediate way with a conversation between a young spiritual aspirant and Death himself.

The longing to know is the catalyst for all spiritual aspiration, and it’s planted in every human at birth. In this workshop, Matthew will share key teachings from the Katha Upanishad and help attendees make the connection between the longing of Nachiketas and their own innate desire to know what is real. ”

Jona Price

Hula Hoop Class

“1 – 1:30 hr Hula Hoop class
Basic On and Off body hooping
Choreographed sequence”

Marissa Peck

Acroyoga: Exploring Connection through Partnering

“Challenge your body and mind by taking your yoga movements from on top of a mat to on top of a person! This all-level friendly acroyoga class will present basic poses in the acroyoga world, including counter-balances, L-basing, standing, and inversions. This class will focus on strength and on relaxation as
students navigate supporting a partner or being supported by a partner. No partner or experience in acroyoga needed. Must be comfortable with touch to participate in this class.”

Sudhir Shah

Let’s TALK Yoga – Self Discovery to Self Mastery

“Today, at least in the Western world, yoga is seen as another exercise class to take at the gym or at a yoga studio, something that will make your muscles sore for days afterward or at least de-stress you. For thousands of years, the term “yoga” encompassed many things, First and foremost, these ancient versions of yoga were mostly spiritual practices, involving meditation and self mastery. Self-Mastery is the ability to recognize, understand, conquer, and make the most out of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self.
This session will take you on a journey from self actualization to self discovery to self creation and ultimately to self mastery.”

Consciousness and Science

The question of consciousness has been examined by philosophers and theologians for millennia; for the longest time, debating the nature of consciousness was the exclusive purview of philosophers. But recently a shift has taken place: scientists are getting into the game. Understandably, if science is to be at the cutting edge, it has to be about questions that no one is willing to ask. Has the nature of consciousness finally shifted from a philosophical question to a scientific one that can be solved by doing experiments? The purpose of this session is to challenge and shake up our intuitions about consciousness and to explore the subject by questioning, observing and wondering, and NOT concluding.

Dr. Nick Atlas

Vocal Improvisation

Calling all beatboxers, melody-makers and lovers of sound–experience the freedom of pure creativity through improvisational, a cappella singing and embodiment exercises that open the heart and weave us back together. No experience necessary, but a willingness to share your voice is a must.

Lucid Dream Yoga

Take an experiential journey through the multidimensional psyche, unlocking your imagination and innate, healing potential through relaxation, visualization, and deep embodiment practices. Together, we’ll explore the deeper meaning of our dreams, consciousness, and the nature of the self. No experience is necessary.

Yoga Nidra and the Path to Freedom

Experience the deeply restorative, guided relaxation of Yoga Nidra to enlighten mind, body and soul. Based on ancient tantric principles, Yoga Nidra is designed to help alleviate physical tension, heal emotional wounds, and liberate spiritual energy, giving way to greater presence and lucidity in dreams and waking life. No experience necessary–all you need to do is listen and receive the practice.

Toni Ferrarie

Yin Yoga. Bliss for Your Hips and Back.

“Yin Yoga offers a profound journey into relaxation and rejuvenation. Focused on holding passive poses for extended durations, Yin targets the deep connective tissues. In this workshop, we will focus on the hips and back. This deliberate approach cultivates flexibility, releases tension, and stimulates a profound sense of well-being.

Deep stretches held for an extended period go beyond the superficial muscles, delving into the fascia and ligaments. As the body settles into each shape, the breath becomes a guide, fostering mindfulness and a tranquil connection between mind and body. The sustained postures encourage surrender, inviting practitioners to explore the edges of comfort with patience and acceptance.

The magic of Yin lies in its ability to unlock stored energy and promote the free flow of life force throughout the body. This not only alleviates physical discomfort but also nurtures a serene mental landscape.

Embrace the stillness, invite serenity into your hips and back, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and renewal through the beautiful practice of Yin Yoga.”


Sounds of Serenity Gong Bath

“Embark on a soul-soothing journey with our Sounds of Serenity Gong Bath, a unique exploration of healing through harmonious sounds in tune with Mother Earth. Immerse yourself in the transformative vibrations of gongs, singing bowls, and native instruments, carefully curated to resonate at the natural frequency of the earth.

A Gong Bath is foundational for profound healing. As the sacred sounds fill the space and your soul, you’ll experience a symphony of tranquility, aligning with the earth’s own harmonies. Establishing a 432 Hz frequency, known for its resonance with nature, the sound-healing promotes peace, a sense of balance and well-being.”

Vermont Yoga Festival, The OM Festival Vermont, Manchester Vermont Yoga, ecstatic dance vermont, Vermont yoga festival Vendor


Vikrant Rana & Samantha Grout.

Join us as we come together after 5 magical days together. This yearly retreat festival experience has been created to help you set your intentions, reset and renew your mind, body and soul in Vermont. Get ready for OM24!

Allie O’Kane

The OM Festival 2023 Great Captures

Join Allie for a Kundalini yoga workshop that will awaken the dormant shakti energy that lives within all of us. Using pranayama (breath), asanas (postures), mantras (sacred Sanskrit words), and Mudras (hand postures), we will go DEEP into meditation using this powerful technology called Kundalini yoga. The goal of Kundalini is to balance the glandular system, strengthen the nervous system, and harness the energy of our mind and emotions to control ourselves and not be controlled by our thoughts and feelings. If you’re ready to take the next step in your spiritual journey, this class will get you there!

Practical application of Numerology & Chinese Earth Astrology

In this 75-minute workshop, you will learn the practical application of Numerology. We will go through each number’s description which includes 1-9 and the master numbers 11, 22, and 33. You will learn how to use the numerical energy of the day to your advantage so you can maximize the day’s imprinted energy. We will go into detail on how to calculate your life path number and what this means for you as well as how to calculate what personal year cycle you are in and how to work the energy of that specific year. We will also discuss the 12 animal signs that make up the Chinese zodiac, your friendly animal signs (trine), and enemy signs. You will learn how to optimize your friendly years as well as how to prep for your enemy years.

Bianca Staudt

Dance Hike

“Have you ever wanted to meditate and dance beneath the starry sky? This is your chance!

Join us in a mindful stroll, where we will center into the breath & body, and dance the night away. Bianca of Within Wild Light will guide us through a grounded approach as we invite our bodies into intuitive, joyful movement. Gather with fellow curious minds in a judgment-free space to explore what it’s like to embrace the present-moment in vibrant awareness. Past participants have said they’ve left feeling “free” and “liberated” – so join us in inviting your inner being out to play! Feel lighter, brighter, and limitless by the end of the night, supported in community among the beauty of the gardens in the moonlight.”

Creative Connection with Flora

Each plant has not just a physical impact, but an emotional, mental, and spiritual one as well. In this workshop, we will put aside our “thinking minds” and tune into the essential nature of plant allies as partners in our paths. Through guided meditation, movement, and creativity, we will focus on building relationship with the world of flora in co-creative partnership, healing, and delight.

Nature Mandala Workshop

Every forest, beach, or field has its own story and natural elements that bring it to life. In this offering, you will be led through a mindful hike as we invite grace and presence into our day. Upon meeting the clearing, we will pause for a process-oriented mandala creation utilizing the elements around us. Enjoy the gifts of present-moment awareness and mindful creativity as we embrace the beautiful landscape around us.

Kate Hunt

Gentle Hatha Yoga for Mindful Transformation

“Nestled in the tranquil embrace of Vermont’s lush landscapes, join us for a rejuvenating journey into the heart of gentle Hatha yoga. This class invites you to surrender to the soothing rhythm of your breath, as you explore gentle movements that gracefully awaken the body, mind, and spirit. In this mellow Hatha yoga class, you’ll be guided through a series of mindful postures designed to cultivate a sense of inner peace and balance. With an emphasis on soft transitions and deep relaxation, you’ll gently stretch, release tension, and build strength, all while honoring your body’s unique needs and limitations. Kate The Great offers a welcoming space for all levels to unwind, restore, and rediscover harmony within.
KTG will guide you into a state of blissful harmony and mindful transformation, where you can bask in the beauty of the present moment and find solace in nature’s embrace. ”

Katie Kircheim & Rachel Kraft

Tuning into Spirit: Somatic Breathwork and Intuitive Writing

In this Somatic Breathwork and Intuitive Writing workshop you will journey through somatic meditative breathwork and experience mindful awareness, somatic safety, and tuning into the voice of your intuition. Using an activating pranayama breath, quiet the noise of the outside world, cleanse the space of your inner “home”, and receive wisdom from your soul body. Opening the breath and body allows you to feel into and connect to your spiritual channel by inviting in gentle movements. Each movement is activated by guided affirmations and/or channeled visualizations. Your channel is now free from external debris that may have previously blocked your divine connection. You will open your eyes and allow spirit to flow from the ethers to paper, writing messages that have been unlocked from your spiritual energy.

Loni Dinwiddie

Groovy Soul Session

Groovy Soul is a unique blend of multiple self care modalities to offer you a well-rounded self care session. This session includes breathwork, a simple dance warm up, self care massage techniques, yoga asana and mobility techniques, and a lovely guided meditation during savasana. Groovy Soul is for the complete beginner and beyond. There is truly something for everyone!

Zoë Thomas

Navigating Through Strength – a Tarot Investigation

“An extraordinary experience of self-discovery, reflection and guidance; this workshop is an exploration into the world of tarot. More specifically, a deep dive into Strength, the 8 numbered card of the major Arcana.
With the support of numerology, this year, 2024 is represented by the card Strength.
As we flow further into this year, we can investigate how this card’s energy, interpretations and guidance can support our journey forward, and reflect of how this cards influence has affected this year already.
These discussions can flow into many directions, such as, the card that represents next year, some astrological connections, a group tarot reading and more!

This workshop can shift and change depending on what questions are brought forth, what intentions are present and the engagement of those joining in.
We will meditate, share thoughts, reflect, and create actionable steps to carry forward.
We will hold sacred space for anyone and everyone. This workshop is fully inclusive to all, and accessible for those with no tarot knowledge, and still insightful to those with extensive tarot experience.”

Bianca Inirio

Morning Glow SUP Yoga on Lake Shaftesbury

Join us for a rejuvenating and invigorating yoga experience right on the tranquil waters of the lake. Our Vinyasa-style class combines the serenity of nature with the fluidity of movement. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a beginner, this class is suitable for all levels.

Class Details

  • Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Location: Lake Shaftesbury , surrounded by lush greenery and bathed in the soft morning light
  • Equipment Provided:
    • SUP Boards: We’ve got you covered! We provide sturdy stand-up paddle (SUP) boards that offer stability and balance.
    • Anchors: Our boards come equipped with anchors, ensuring you stay centered during your practice
  • What to Expect:
    • Sunrise Bliss: As the sun rises, enjoy the gentle warmth and the breathtaking view. The water reflects the sky, creating a magical ambiance. Please wear sunscreen!
    • Flowing Vinyasa: Our skilled instructors will guide you through a Vinyasa flow. Connect your breath with movement as you transition from one pose to another.
    • Balancing Act: SUP yoga challenges your balance and engages your core. Feel the gentle sway of the water beneath you as you find stability in each pose.
    • Nature Immersion: Listen to the sounds of birds, feel the breeze, and let the natural surroundings enhance your practice.

What to Bring if class is full but you’re on the Waitlist:

    • Your Own Board: If you have your own SUP board, feel free to bring it! We have additional space for students who prefer their personal equipment.
    • Anchor System: Students with their own boards have to bring their anchor system for stability.


  • Time: 8am-9.30am , please arrive 15 minutes earlier to fill out a waiver

Come experience the magic of Morning Glow SUP Yoga as you flow, breathe, and connect with nature.


GLOWGA SUP Yoga: Illuminate Your Practice

Join us for an extraordinary evening of SUP Yoga under the starry sky. Our GLOWGA class combines the tranquility of the water with the magic of soft-glowing LED lights underneath the boards. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a beginner, this class is suitable for all levels.

Class Details:

  • Duration:** 1 hour
  • Location:Lake Shaftsbury
  • Time: 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM
  • Equipment Provided:
    • SUP Boards: We’ve got you covered! Our boards are lined with soft-glowing LED lights, creating a mesmerizing atmosphere.
    • Anchors: Our boards come equipped with anchors for stability during your practice.


What to Expect:

  • Gentle movements and restorative asanas will help you find balance and tranquility.
  • LED Magic: The soft-glowing LED lights beneath your board create a high-energy, glowing yoga experience.

Let the gentle glow of GLOWGA illuminate your practice as you flow, breathe, and connect with the water and the night sky.


Autumn Fletcher

Cultivating Community and Authentic Connections

“To be human is to belong to an interconnected web of relationships – to self,to others and the world around you.

Do you desire to be seen and heard as your authentic self? Would you like to live in coherence with yourself, others, nature and life itself ? It is in our human nature to crave connection and authenticity . To feel a part of and be seen or heard for who we truly are. Perhaps this is something we did not experience growing up or do not experience at home, in the workplace or amongst our peers even still .

We will discuss the importance of cultivating communities and how to create authentic connections with ourselves and others. Practicing skills for connection, conscious communication and a deep sense of belonging . Allowing parts of ourselves to be seen , heard and validated. We will participate in playful activities, engage in insightful conversations and learn tools to take home and support our relationships with self and others. You will be guided into a deeper sense of awareness, curiosity and connection. ”

Deepening your intuition and reconnecting with your body’s wisdom

“Who were you before the world told you who to be ? In a world driven by data, logic, and analysis, the role of intuition in decision-making often takes a backseat.

Intuition, our inner voice, has the potential to guide us towards making choices that align with our authentic selves , leading to fulfilling outcomes. It is a deep-seated wisdom that arises from our subconscious mind and draws upon our past experiences, emotions, and innate wisdom. Allowing these to be the lighthouse guiding us safely to shore but to no longer be the captain steering the ship.

We will practice discernment and rebuild a relationship to follow our instincts for true wisdom to manifest itself. We have just become so disconnected from this . Bombarded with distractions , other people’s opinions, fear and control.

Our intuition often manifests through physical sensations and emotions. Paying attention to these cues can enhance our ability to trust our inner wisdom. Tuning into our physical and emotional responses to harness the power of our intuition. By integrating intuition and logic, we create a holistic decision-making process that considers both internal wisdom and external information

By honoring our intuition, cultivating self-awareness, and listening to our inner wisdom, we tap into a deep source of knowledge that surpasses conventional thinking. As we learn to trust our intuition, we gain confidence in our decision-making abilities and forge a path that resonates with our true selves

Cyclical Beings in a Linear world ; Rewilding and reawakening the 4 seasons of your female experience

“Your cycle is the natural inner creative life force that connects you with all of creation. Learning to honor your body and understand the wisdom it shares as we cycle through our phases like the moon. Healing and tuning back into the wisdom of the womb . You will leave feeling informed and empowered to start honoring your body and its cycles despite the confinements of living in a linear world.

We will gain a deeper understanding of how the 4 seasons of the earth connect to the 4 seasons of hormonal shifts. We will learn the importance of supporting our body and emotions during each season. If you want to regain you feminine force, this is for you. If you wish to rewild yourself and balance your hormones naturally, this is for you ! If you’re curious about the effects of birth control and how detoxing your body from it can bring back clarity, ambition. libido and life fore, this is for you! If you have been misdiagnosed or are managing Endo, anxiety, depression, pmdd or no longer have a womb this is for you ! If you are raising a daughter, were born with a womb or in a relationship with a female, this is for you !”

Allison Rogge

Flow and Let Go (we can change this)

75 minute all level vinyasa flow

Bernice Pierre

Sacred Cacao, Yoga, and Meditation

“You will experience:
-cacao medicine
-a light yoga practice ”

Elena DiBiase

Gentle vinyasa yoga flow

All levels vinyasa practice using the breath to connect the mind and the body through movement. Flow with intention and grace taking the body through guided postures and movements designed to gently stretch and lengthen promoting strengthening and releasing tightness and tension. Relax, release and restore!

Josie Bray

Introduction to Reiki and Energy Healing

“In this class, participants will learn the fundamentals of Reiki Energy work and how to work with it in themselves and with others.

You will learn the basics of working with your own chakra system and energy body through the use of light touch, and you will also have the opportunity to practice on a partner.

Please bring a mat and wear loose fitting clothing.”

Creative Partner Yoga

“Bring your curiosity and sense of play for this unique Asana workshop!

Work with a friend, partner, or newly-found yoga pal to share weight and balance to bring a new sense of experimentation to yoga postures. Partner yoga can deepen the stretch in postures more than when you practice solo and is a lot of fun!

Learn how to assist a partner in Asana and how you can build connection, communication, and trust by working together in the postures to experience them in a new way.

Expect a lively time of trying new things and interrupting your habits. Bring a friend or be ready to partner up with someone else in the workshop.

Please bring a yoga mat and wear loose-fitting clothing, and be ready for a bumpin’ playlist!”

Tantra & Amanita Mushrooms

“In this workshop, we will dispel the myths and rumors about Amanita Muscaria, Amanita Pantheria, and Amanta Regalis. (Hint! These Mario mushrooms DO NOT contain Psilocybin!)

Learn about the benefits of these mushrooms and how to safely use them for energy work with yourself or with a partner.

We will finish the workshop with a series of Tantra Hatha exercises that can be done solo or with a partner to manage and build your energy body. Clothes will remain on.

Please bring a yoga mat and wear loose-fitting clothing.

One lucky audience member will leave with a bag of Amanita Mushrooms!”

Mirabai Moon

The Mystical Kirtan of Mirabai Moon

All Yoga practices eventually point to the awakening of the heart. Kirtan, a Bhakti Yoga Practice, can take you directly there. It is considered one of the fastest ways to tap into pure joy and love and to experience divine bliss. In a Kirtan, a group of people come together to sing, dance and make music. One person leads the group in chanting back and forth, and it becomes an intimate exchange between the leader and the group where you can listen, then sing, listen, then sing. The repetition of the chant creates the most sublime meditation and inner sweetness. And the best part is that anyone can do it. No experience is required! Join Mirabai Moon and her Mystical Kirtan band for an experience of bliss!

Healing Through Breath Tone and Mantra Workshop

“Discover the transformative power of Sacred Sound with Mirabai Moon, in this workshop, “”Healing Through Breath, Tone & Mantra.””

In this workshop we will explore the harmonious convergence of breath, tone, and mantra as powerful tools for healing. Drawing inspiration from ancient practices and wisdom, this workshop offers a unique blend of traditional and contemporary techniques. The workshop will culminate in a call-and-response group singing practice, introducing sacred chants and healing songs rooted in the Yogic tradition.

Whether this is your first time chanting or you have practiced for years, this workshop is for everyone curious about the healing power of intention and voice. Participants will learn simple exercises for cultivating a personal chanting practice to bring healing, compassion, and peace to the body, mind, and spirit.”

Amanda White

Wonder Wall

“Join Amanda White for a class utilizing the wall for new ways to feel common postures with an emphasis on alignment and creating new patterns for your practice. Using the wall can be an extremely eye opening and humbling experience so come ready to be in wonder and open-minded. Expect a warm up vinyasa flow and then some deep dives into hop alignment and backbends.

(NOTE to organizers: This workshop will only work if wall space is available.)”

Hands-on Adjustments

“Amanda feels very passionate about keeping this art alive, safe, and productive in the yoga industry. During this class teachers and students will dive into several common postures to learn how to best assist their students. We will work in partners to practice different hands-on techniques and to get a feel for how to appropriately and safely add this element into public or private classes where the students feel encouraged, safe, and challenged.

This workshop is geared towards yoga teachers but all practitioners are invited to join. Everyone will walk away with a. better understanding of how to align their own bodies and work deeper in postures.”

Happy Healthy Hips

Our hips tend to be an area where much tension and issues can stem from. In this Vinyasa to Yin class we will target our hips to increase strength, mobility, flexibility, and overall health to help carry us through all stages of life. Students will walk away feeling lighter with each step.

Kristin Leung

Balancing Act: Mastering Arm Balances

“This workshop is a journey into the realm of arm balances, rooted in functional movement and body mechanics. Whether you’re new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, you’ll learn how to safely and effectively master these empowering poses. With a focus on individualized instruction and accessible techniques, you’ll explore the strength and stability needed to defy gravity. Join us and experience the joy and freedom of arm balances—because everyone can fly!”

Mindful Movement: Functional Vinyasa

Together, we will delve into the essence of each pose, understanding the mechanics and intentions behind them. This approach empowers practitioners to enhance the strength, stability, and safety of their practice, elevating it to new heights. By prioritizing feeling over appearance or performance, attendees will cultivate a deeper connection with their bodies, allowing for a more profound and transformative yoga experience. This workshop welcomes practitioners of all levels, offering a supportive environment for self-awareness and intentional movement. Join us as we explore the “why” and “how” of yoga poses, unlocking the potential for a stronger, safer, and more fulfilling practice.

Embodying Emotion: A Journey of Movement and Self-Expression

“You are invited to explore the depths of your being through the language of the body. Drawing inspiration from contemporary dance, we will delve into the realms of fluidity, emotionality, and musicality, allowing movement to be the expression of our innermost selves.
Participants will be guided to move according to their body’s intuition and emotion, granting them the freedom to explore and express without judgment. Through this exploration, we aim to deepen the connection between mind and body, fostering a greater sense of self-awareness and authenticity.
Come for a transformative experience where movement becomes a tool for self-discovery and expression. No prior dance experience is necessary, only an open heart and a willingness to move in ways that feel true to you. Let your body lead the way as we journey together into the depths of our being through movement and self-expression.”

Bear Crevier

Home Fermentation demystified

This workshop teaches all of the basics of fermentation for health and vitality. Learn how to make kombucha, kimchi, sauerkraut, Hard cider, and vinegar. This workshop will help you learn how simple these processes are and teach you how to incorporate these fermented foods into your regular diet.

Herbal Tea Formulation

Come learn how to use todays most commonly available tea herbs to create blends to help gently treat a number of common health issues. Learn about how powerful our plant allies are and learn to connect with their energies and power.

Edible and medicinal wild plant and mushroom walk

This will be a mobile workshop that will move throughout the venue teaching about all of the edible and medicinal plants that surround us everyday. Learn ways to incorporate these helpful plant and mushroom allies into food you already make at home.