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OM Festival – Johnathan Macedo

OM Festival – Johnathan Macedo has been a gifted empath and healer since earliest childhood. His abilities have ranged from psychic-intuitive, to medium-channel, to medical-inuitive healer (Reiki Master since 94′, Reflexologist since 94′) over the years. This was heightened further by a spontaneous Kundalini
Awakening in 1995 which opened him to the fullness of the meta consciousness of the godhead
(universe, universal intelligence, etc.).

He is verse in many topics, including various alternative healing modalities, including knowledge of western and eastern medical philosophies, homeopathic, natural, as well as having built,
co-owned and operated a holistic healing center in New Jersey (The Zen Den Center of New Jersey), as
well as vegan restaurant (Veggie Works, Belmar, NJ now Kaia’s Kitchen). Add to this, he’s been a guest
on various talk radio programs (Jeff Rense, Mysteries of the Mind, Art Bell, Sightings), talking about
his many experiences with the metaphysical realm, the esoteric and even hosted a show on iHeartRadio
titled, “Perceptions Talk Radio” under the Truth Frequency Radio banner.

Currently, he has stepped back into using his gifts for others and of service to the world as he
took a much needed break to work on other life issues, including personal development and to
complete the 4 books he has written, which are due to drop this summer, in line with another project he is currently engaged in and part of The Meta-Consciousness Movement (

His methods for “tapping in” is simply by listening to spirit, constantly attuned to the spirit
world and to simply ask, “Show me in full”. This allows him to activate the process and remove his
own conscious understanding based on pattern recognition at the mental cognitive level. Feeling
energy, physical sensations and other indicators give way to further information he is then able to
access and then to help the person he is reading for to reach a state of peace, homeostasis and balance, or greater understanding by helping them to unlock, recognize and understand what is being show to
them by the universe, without having the limitations of their own biases (emotional, rational,
subconscious) and to have greater insight into the new pattern recognition being offered them.

Johnathan is also an accomplished professional photographer and excels as capturing people’s
essence, the comment he is most often told about his particular style and editing of shooting. The
method employed is in asking the universe to present the shot and to then to simply capture it at that
moment. This is how and why he titles himself as a Meta-Consciousness Visionary, with a mission
statement of: “In the context of art, “meta-conscious” refers to a heightened awareness and
understanding of one’s own artistic process; additionally, meta-conscious artists may be interested in
exploring the relationship between their own personal experiences as well as the broader cultural and
historical context in which the art is being created. A meta-conscious artist is one who is aware of their
own influences and motivations, as well as the impact of their work on the art world and society at
large. This heightened awareness can lead to a more thoughtful and intentional approach to creating
art, as well as a deeper understanding of the role of art in society.”

The Meta-Consciousness Movement:
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JOHNATHAN MACEDO will be teaching the following classes/workshops at the OM Festival,
July 27th – 10AM – Time, space, distance and the journey within
July 29th – 4PM – A dance of light and dark
July 30th – 8AM – Mantras, meditations, manifestations and miracles…