DJ Bumi

The OM Festival - DJ-Bumi The OM Festival Vermont

The OM Festival – DJ Bumi

Musician, DJ and Stage Manager at OM

The OM Festival – DJ Bumi will be rocking the stage at OM with her live beats and playing her Digeridoo


Ifa Halima Bumi is a multi-faceted, creative, mystic, intuitive soul with seedful gifts. She is creating a space with her sound and sending a message of empowerment and healing through music.

The Florida-based DJ, didgeridoo musician and owner of SHEER ELAN LLC, a audio video entertainment company, has been on a path of sacred service since 2016 electrifying hearts and souls within her reach. She has served as the official resident DJ for some of the hottest venues like Petanque Kitchen and Bar, events like POWER HOUSE by The Litt Factor, and host programs that air globally on Outreach Radio out of the UK.

While advocating for the journey of deep healing and love in its purest form, music flows through Ifa Halima Bumi and manifests itself through shared moments and experiences of life.

DJ Bumi will be spinning the tunes at OM to get you into the right mood.