Bear Crevier

Bear Crevier - The OM Festival Vermont

OM Festival – Bear Crevier

OM Festival – Bear Crevier began his work in the nonprofit world. After being medically retired from the US Army in October of 2014 while enrolled in a Masters program at the local State University he started and led a nonprofit for veterans that helped them connect to the wilderness of New England. While he deeply loved this work and put his life into building a strong program that supported veterans and military families his health became something that needed his full attention. After being told by his VA doctor that he was on the edge of being diabetic for the rest of his life he decided to make a massive change. Through a change in diet and a change in how he thought about what he put in and on his body he decided that he wanted to be more connected to his food and medicine and so he learned to forage and hunt and fish for wild game and how to make medicine from plants and mushrooms and he found himself more deeply connected. Now Bear spends his time teaching free workshops on topics like fermentation, making maple syrup, bee keeping 101, making hard and sweet cider, herbal tea formulation, ethical foraging, using mushrooms in medicine, cannabis cultivation, homesteading, plant and mushroom walks etc. Bear and his wife Aidale run their nonprofit called Ancient Healing Paths. Ancient Healing Paths offers free educational workshops and facilitates free access to alternative healing modalities.

BEAR CREVIER will be teaching the following classes/workshops at the OM Festival,
July 28th – 10AM – Herbal Tea Formulation
July 30th – 3PM – Home Fermentation demystified