Brenda Reyna

Brenda Reyna - The OM Festival Vermont

Brenda Reyna - The OM Festival Vermont

OM Festival – Brenda Reyna

OM Festival – “Brenda Reyna met her mat in her early 20s seeking tools to help cope with stress and regulate her emotions. She had an inconsistent practice for years to follow but her mat was always there. She changed career paths leaving critical care nursing and found herself working front desk at a yoga studio. From then on she invested in herself and her practice. She took her 200HR Yoga Teacher Training in 2018 in order to deepen her knowledge and personal practice. She has continued to invest in her learning through workshops and YTT modules and fell in love with teaching along the way. For Brenda, Yoga unearthed a lot but was also there to heal. She believe that our mat is a mirror. It shows us all of our opportunities for growth and healing so that we can show up healthy for others. Brenda’s classes are slow, steady and full of calm & grounding elements so you can let go and just be with your body and your breath. Leaving her class you will feel rooted back to the Earth so that you can bloom and open your heart. Brenda hopes to prepare you for the real work that takes place off of the mat.

Brenda lives in Saratoga Springs with her partner Patrick and their silly Aussie boy Alamo. She has traveled and moved around the United States a bunch, allowing her to connect to different communities and people. She is lucky enough to manage her home Bhakti Yoga Studio- Yoga Mandali. Off the mat she loves hiking, rollerskating, reading a good book and a nice cup of tea! She is forever a student and continues to work on living a heart centered life. Love is the remedy. ”

Brenda Reyna will be teaching the following classes/workshops at the OM Festival,

July 28th – 10AM – Root Down & Bloom
July 30th – 01:00PM – Root Down & Bloom