Emma Andrews

Emma Andrews - The OM Festival Vermont

Emma Andrews - The OM Festival Vermont

OM Festival – Emma Andrews

OM Festival – Emma Andrews is an Intuitive who specializes in energy healing, mediumship and psychic development. She is the creator of the highly-acclaimed online course “The Intuitive Method” and has taught Intuition to thousands of people around the world. Her private Intuitive Sessions have been called “30 years of therapy in 1 hour” and have created powerful transformations in many people’s lives. She is currently writing her first book on Intuition with Storey Publishing.


Previous Festival Experience

Mycofest (Main Stage) 2022 + 2023
Mountain Run Jam 2021 – 2023
Common House 2022 – 2023
Energy Wellness Retreat 2023
Foundational Breathwork Retreat 2023

EMMA ANDREWS will be teaching the following classes/workshops at the OM Festival,
July 27th – 1PM – Discover Your Sensory Superpower
July 28th – 8AM – Live Intuitive Reading. Lets see if she can do this in
the grass or outside in the mediation garden?