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Kellie D’Elia-Laskin - The OM Festival Vermont

OM Festival – Kellie D’Elia-Laskin

OM Festival – Kellie D’Elia-Laskin teaching Pilates for over 25 years, have taught in Colorado, Nevada, California, Massachusetts and now Vermont. I’ve certified people to teach Pilates and have traveled parts of the country certifying people to teach as well as present at major fitness conventions. I was the first practitioner certified to teach Pfilates know as Pelvic floor Pilates and have written an article on Pilates to improve your sex life which has been re-published multiple times.
I’ve been starting to teach yoga over the past 6 years as well, which for obvious reasons has Pilates influences. There has always been a marriage of the two modalities as Joseph Pilates studied yoga along with many other movement practices which is how he developed his practice. I just love helping people move and feel better in their bodies.


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