Radharani Bissland

Radharani Bissland - The OM Festival Vermont

Radharani Bissland - The OM Festival Vermont

OM Festival – Radharani Bissland

OM Festival – Radharani Bissland ,Brandi is a 500 ERYT/YACP Pittsburgh native turned Jersey girl. After practicing off and on for 20+ years Brandi made the decision in 2015 to make yoga a priority and enrolled in a 200 YTT program.

In 2020 as her Asana practice took a backseat due to the pandemic, she found and fell in love with Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of love and devotion. She is heavily involved with the Bhakti community and attends regular programs that include kirtan and lectures from incredible teachers.

Students in Brandi’s class will be guided in a practice focused on breath and movement. Brandi will plant seeds of Bhakti in a way that is accessible for everyone. She hopes that by serving as a yoga teacher she can make every student feel comfortable, safe, and welcome. Brandi holds a certification for Crystal Energy Healing and Holistic Tarot Card Reading and is Reiki 1 certified (with plans to do level 2 and 3). Brandi also plays the harmonium and leads a monthly community kirtan. She incorporates mantra and chanting into her classes and also offers crystal bowls and sound healing.

Brandi took her spiritual name (Diksha), Radharani, in October of 2020. In June of 2022 she became co-lead of Honor Yoga’s 200 hour YTT program.

RADHARANI will be teaching the following classes/workshops at the OM Festival,
July 28th – 1PM – Shakti flow