Outdoor Guides Lineup

Maggie Hatzpanian

Bio: I am a Rhode Island based Herbalist & my business Maggie’s healing Path came to be because of my love of plants combined with a deep desire to help people maintain their Health & Wellness. Many years I worked as a nurse and the knowledge of human anatomy & physiology.. & the workings of our Healthcare system put me in a position to help others & I embrace that Healing Path!

As an Herbalist I take my role in teaching / sharing Plant-Medicine / Healing knowledge with my community very seriously. Plant Medicine is our birthright & is one of many ways that we can live in community with Nature and all that she shares with us.

Walk: My Edible & Medicinal PlantWalks are one way to introduce the Healing power of Nature to those who haven’t been formally introduced.

These fun & interactive hikes in Nature bring us to where the plants grow in their natural environments.

On our gentle walk in the fields, woodlands & forest edges – we will see & discuss many plants that are available to us for our health & wellness, bringing balance & happiness into our lives, through the simple act of spending time with the plants where they grow, as well as learning cooking recipes & medicinal uses & common preparations.

Class: Another way I have created to share my love of healing plants is with a Communi-Tea event.

These are a great way to learn about a few plants through the act of drinking them… with the Herbalist who created the blend!

These have been described as a cross between an Herbal lecture & a fun Tea-Party!


Super fun!

I serve one of my Healing Herbal Tea blends & while we sit in CommuniTea & drink the Tea together, I share with the group about the plants in our cups! Their medicinal properties, why they were selected for the blend, how the plants work together…

Discussion is encouraged & usually is a great sharing process!

Communi-Tea @OM will be held at my vendor tent, bring a blanket or yoga mat for seating..as well as a mug and a journal for notes ( keeping CommuniTea a Zer0-waste experience!)

Tom Zavalitroga

Hike description:

This 3.7 mile round trip hike is generally regarded to be of moderate difficulty, and the summit offers a spectacular panoramic view of the Rupert- W. Dorset- NYS border area.  The round trip takes about 3 hours up to the top and back.The Owl Head Trail also offers some solitude, since it’s considered one of the lesser-visited mountains in the area. Passing through an abandoned, historic rock quarry at its beginning, this trail also yields a good look at Vermont’s early mining works and some interesting rock formations.

Getting there:   By car or Bus, take Rt.3o north out of Manchester to Dorset, then take Raptor Lane east to the end of the road.

BIO:Tom Zavalidroga grew up in Mendham, NJ with a plant and herb expert mother and an outdoorsman father. 

By the age of seventeen, Tom was ready to see the world and began a series of solo hitchhiking and wilderness treks throughout the Adirondacks and northern New England. 

After entering college, he spent much of his spare time learning new wilderness skills, one of which was becoming proficient with map and compass wilderness orienteering, and eventually, these skills gave him the confidence to broaden his horizons to include many wilderness areas throughout the Rocky Mountains and far west.

Currently, Tom lives in the Northshire area and is active in writing, blogging, and photography.

Hooper Pickering

Bio: A lifelong resident of West Arlington, Vermont. I currently live there with my wife Errin and son Ethan. For the past 29 years I have been a history teacher at the local high school. I have thru-hiked the Long Trail and helped create and manage an outing club for local youths. I enjoy spending my free time hiking or just wandering in the woods of Red Mountain.

Hike: I will be leading hikes in the woods around the West Mountain Inn. The hikes will be easy to moderate in difficulty. We will take several breaks to allow the attendees the opportunity to sit and take in the forest environment. Due to our proximity to the Inn it will allow those participating to plan the day accordingly. We will meet out front of the Inn prior to the hikes. Make sure to pack water and dress accordingly for the weather.

Bear Crevier

Bio: Bear Crevier is a medicine man, a plant lover, an educator, and nonprofit organizer. Bear and his wife Aidale run a nonprofit called Ancient Healing Paths. Ancient Healing Paths provides free educational workshops focused on connected living and it provides regular free monthly access to alternative healing modalities. Make sure you stop by their booth for a free healing session or join them on the scheduled hikes for interactive education around the edible and medicinal plants that grow wild all around us. Visit www.AncientHealingPaths.org and follow www.Facebook.com/TheAncientHealingPaths for more information on their workshops.


Walk: Bear and Aidale will conduct a few plant and mushroom walks on Saturday during the festival. On these walks you will taste, touch, and smell many plants that operate as our allies seeking to support our food and medicine needs

Okay contact Information:

Cell: 413-328-3761 

Email: BearCrevier@gmail.com

Elle Russell

Bio: Elle Russell works locally as a certified and licensed massage practitioner specializing in mixed modality deep tissue and Raynor massage. She grew up right down the road in Manchester and has been hiking southern Vermont for most of her life. When not in the woods, She is also a yoga and spin teacher at Zen Revolution, a local studio. She has two children, two dogs, two cats and one husband.

Hike: Elle will be leading nature walks around the West Mountain Inn; get moving and find appreciation in Arlington’s peaceful environment. With calm walks through nature along the gardens and hills of Vermont, see and feel the fresh air with all nature has to offer.