Maggie Hatzpanian

Maggie Hatzpanian


Bio: I am a Rhode Island based Herbalist & my business Maggie’s healing Path came to be because of my love of plants combined with a deep desire to help people maintain their Health & Wellness. Many years I worked as a nurse and the knowledge of human anatomy & physiology.. & the workings of our Healthcare system put me in a position to help others & I embrace that Healing Path!

As an Herbalist I take my role in teaching / sharing Plant-Medicine / Healing knowledge with my community very seriously. Plant Medicine is our birthright & is one of many ways that we can live in community with Nature and all that she shares with us.


Walk: My Edible & Medicinal PlantWalks are one way to introduce the Healing power of Nature to those who haven’t been formally introduced.

These fun & interactive hikes in Nature bring us to where the plants grow in their natural environments.

On our gentle walk in the fields, woodlands & forest edges – we will see & discuss many plants that are available to us for our health & wellness, bringing balance & happiness into our lives, through the simple act of spending time with the plants where they grow, as well as learning cooking recipes & medicinal uses & common preparations.


Class: Another way I have created to share my love of healing plants is with a Communi-Tea event.

These are a great way to learn about a few plants through the act of drinking them… with the Herbalist who created the blend!

These have been described as a cross between an Herbal lecture & a fun Tea-Party!


Super fun!

I serve one of my Healing Herbal Tea blends & while we sit in CommuniTea & drink the Tea together, I share with the group about the plants in our cups! Their medicinal properties, why they were selected for the blend, how the plants work together…

Discussion is encouraged & usually is a great sharing process!

Communi-Tea @OM will be held at my vendor tent, bring a blanket or yoga mat for well as a mug and a journal for notes ( keeping CommuniTea a Zer0-waste experience!)