Diane Rivera & co-host Judi Weaver

The OM Festival - Diane Rivera

The OM Festival Vermont Teacher

We will be gifting the “Divine Love Activation ” to any guest who registers for Day 2 “Meet Your ESP”. This is an extraordinary Activation opportunity for Lightowrkers and practitioners that we want to make available to all guests as Great Spirit/God Source has big plans for all of us!

NOTE: You must purchase and OM Festival one day pass or multi day pass to attend these workshops. Please make sure you have your OM pass purchased in advance and then RSVP and sign up for these workshops.

The OM Festival

Rev. Judi Weaver & Diane Rivera will be offering Trance Channeled Mediumship, Mediumship and Channeled Energetic Healing.

The OM Festival – Diane Rivera is a third generation Intuitive Psychic Medium and Empath. She is a Certified Master Metaphysician Practitioner, Spiritual Counselor & Healer and continues studies at the Author Ford’s School @ Delphi University of Spiritual Studies & Patricia Hayes School of Healing & Metaphysics. Diane teaches and provides guided meditations, channeled energy healing, spiritual counseling, and mentorship. Diane offers services in person as well as virtually and she works with the NJ Metaphysical Center, Angel Aura Spiritual Boutique, Spirit Fest of Florida, Holistic House, Holly Hill, FL, Lily Dale Spiritual Camp, Lily Dale, NY and Crow Haven Corner in Salem, MA.

Rev. Judi is an International Spiritual Trance Channel, Master Metaphysician, Medium, Healer and Shamanic Practitioner since the early 90’s. She is the founder of Heart 4 Souls Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to spiritual development and healing modalities and published author of “Guided by Your Light”, and “Truth Beyond. Her educational travels are diversified: Delphi University of Spiritual Studies & Patricia Hayes School of Healing; Inca School of Medicine, Cusco, Peru; and International Association of Metaphysics. She has been the designated grandmother in the Southern Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp, Florida since 2013 and has practiced with Healers and Elders in Peru, Brazil, and North America. She travels with Spirit Fest Florida, New England and offers services virtually travels throughout America including Lily Dale, New York, Camp Chesterfield, Indiana and coordinates Spiritual Journeys for personal development.

DIANE RIVERA & REV.JUDI will be teaching the following classes/workshops at the OM Festival,
July 27th – 4PM – Sound Healing Meditation and Purification
July 28th – 10AM – Meet Your ESP- Extraordinary Spiritual Partners”
July 29th – 10AM – Divine Love Activation