Alison Freleng

The OM Festival – Alison Freleng

Booch Baby Kombucha was born in a little Vermont town called Jamaica. How it came to be is a true “Vermont hippie” tale. The first time kombucha and I met was at a summer yoga festival at Stratton Mountain. After dancing in the summer heat I passed a stand for “ICE COLD KOMBUCHA”  ​Unaware what I was in for my thirst had me in line at first sight! A lovely women filled a mason jar form the tap with this bubbly amber beverage that had a citrus and ginger aroma. From the moment this concoction hit my lips I was hooked.

         I began looking for kombucha in stores everywhere. I drank it all the time!! The way I felt when I drank it was incredible!  I had always struggled with stomach issues but when I drank kombucha I was on point. I had more energy and actually wanted to eat healthier.

         Being the bold “DO IT YOURSELFER” I started to ponder if this was something I could master myself. I purchased a few SCOBYS online, turn my kitchen and dining room into a laboratory and got started!!  Soon friends and family got a taste of my yummy drink and were cleaning me out. So quadrupled up on brewers and got busy, now I can bring this amazing product to you.