Amanda White

The OM Festival - Amanda White

The OM Festival - Amanda White

The OM Festival – Amanda White

“The moment Amanda found yoga, she began transforming into the person she is today. On the mat she learned how to love herself and others in a greater capacity. Then suddenly it became obvious that she needed to transcend the unhealthy habits, relationships, and career path that previously defined her.

In 2009 she received my 200-hour Teacher Training from Yoga South in Boca Raton. It was here that she gained the foundation of alignment, sequencing, and adjustments that are staples of her teaching style. Later, she received a Yin Teacher certification, 500hr certification, and endless workshops and classes from world renowned teachers from across the globe. Today, she continues to practice with mentors regularly because she understands that an exceptional teacher must also be a devoted student.

She teaches with a very hands-on approach and she loves to challenge students. When she’s not teaching yin, she generally guides a physically demanding, yet intuitive vinyasa flow that connects the body to the breath, mind and spirit. She encourage students to stay present through each posture and go inward to examine their self-limiting thoughts.

Amanda believes our realities are shaped by our thoughts. And if we can rewire them to be more open, loving and forgiving, we can create healthier bodies and minds. ”