Autumn Fletcher

The OM Festival - Autumn Fletcher

The OM Festival – Autumn Fletcher

“For the past decade Autumn has been on a journey to understand how to be in better relationships with self , others and the world around us.

After being diagnosed with a chronic illness at the age of 19 she was run through the medical system for the better half of a decade. Prescribed medications to manage symptoms and undergoing invasive surgeries she became overwhelmed and disconnected from her body’s wisdom . After years of being gaslight , experimented on and disempowered by doctor’s practicing medicine she decided to educate, advocate and empower herself.

Determined to find a way to manage symptoms and regain a better quality of life she started to address the 3 factors that can impact our DNA ; food sleep and stress . After changing her diet and finding spirituality, yoga and reconnecting with nature everything began to shift.

Not only did her health begin to improve but her overall quality of life, physical and emotional resilience and her relationships began to improve.
Life has continued to present its physical and emotional challenges but she now felt better equipped when facing them.

She decided to take a leap of faith, as a single mom trusting that she was meant to share these tools to support others and left corporate America in 2020. Since then she has studied through Yale, Kripalu and various other trainings to acquire the skills to support others. This is when she became not just the dreamer, but the dreamseeker and has inspired and supported countless others along the way.

Autumn is the Owner of Sattva Wellness Studio where she supports clients 1:1 as a vitality coach through intuitive healing sessions, nutritional support, emotional and physical detoxes. She also designs and leads transformational workshops and host wellness retreats. She has over a decade of practice with therapeutic embodiment techniques, authentic relating, and group facilitation, nature based wisdom, somatic healing practices, reconnecting with the feminine cycle and public speaking. Her passion for the outdoors is evident as a rock climbing coach, mindful outdoor leader, skier , Archer, adventure enthusiast and practices what she calls moving meditation on her motorcycle.

She believes that her journey now serves a greater purpose and we all have the capability to see that we can grow through what we go through . ”