Dr. Nick Atlas

The OM Festival - Dr. Nick Atlas

The OM Festival – Dr. Nick Atlas

Dr. Nick Atlas is the Director of Evolutionary Education®, and has 25 years experience in yoga and the healing arts. A full-time psychedelic guide and spiritual teacher, Nick holds a Ph.D. in Psychology with multiple certifications, has taught extensively at the university-level, and serves as Faculty Chair at Atlantic University. He also offers personal and professional training in Breathwork, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Lucid Dreaming, and Psychedelic Facilitation, and specializes in trauma-sensitive, body-centered approaches for emotional release. He works with a wide range clients dealing with various issues including anxiety, depression, OCD, substance abuse, and terminal illness, as well as those seeking spiritual awakening, reconnection and realization. Originally from New York City, Nick has authored a memoir detailing his own mystical journey and world travels, and enjoys making music, open-water swimming, and hiking with his dog in the beautiful, Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts.as.