Kristin Leung

The OM Festival - Kristin Leung

The OM Festival - Kristin Leung

The OM Festival – Kristin Leung

“Kristin’s journey into fitness, wellness, and movement began over two decades ago while she pursued a degree in Geosciences, minored in dance, and taught fitness classes part-time. During this period, she discovered the transformative power of movement and the harmonious connection between yoga and dance.

In 2011, Kristin embarked on a significant chapter by becoming a certified Livestrong at the YMCA instructor, initiating her impactful work with cancer survivors. Witnessing their remarkable resilience inspired her to deepen her expertise, leading her to complete the Mindful Yoga for Cancer Training at Duke Integrative Medicine in 2017.

With a diverse array of certifications, including 200-hour Yoga and SEL Facilitator, Neuromuscular Stretching, Vinyasa and SUP yoga, mat Pilates, and Strength and Conditioning, Kristin offers a holistic approach to yoga, emphasizing the integration of physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Currently pursuing a 300-hour yoga teacher training, she remains dedicated to enhancing her knowledge and skills in yoga instruction.

Beyond the mat, Kristin is a devoted secondary science teacher and actively volunteers for Livestrong, focusing on community education and advocacy. An avid traveler, Kristin has explored 47 states, 16 of which she journeyed with her gray tabby cat, Lavender.