Rachel Kraft

The OM Festival - Rachel Kraft

The OM Festival - Rachel Kraft

The OM Festival – Rachel Kraft

Rachel is a certified trauma-informed Breathwork Facilitator and Somatic Coach. After struggling with anxiety herself for many years, Rachel discovered breathwork at a yoga festival 8 years ago. Fast forward to today, she specializes in nervous system regulation, body-based healing, and strengthening the mind-body connection using the breath. Rachel brings safety, warmth, and creativity to her teaching . Let’s heal ourselves from the inside-out and breathe!

“Katie is a certified Reiki Healing and Health & Life Coach. Katie unlocked her spiritual gifts by using subtle energy work to heal her body from chronic pain and autoimmune disease. She has helped clients connect to their soul’s lineage and is a spiritual messenger for loved ones passed. Katie’s work guiding groups and individuals allows for others to connect to their soul’s essence and unspoken truths.

Guiding and leading together, Rachel and Katie create a deep healing energy that is shared and felt by festival participants. Participants may experience visions, deep truths, physical and emotional releases, and profound connection to their divine essence. Their healing modalities include, breathwork, somatic practices, reiki healing, and spirit led affirmations. ”