Rev. Todd Glacy

The OM Festival - Rev. Todd Glacy

The OM Festival - Rev. Todd Glacy

The OM Festival – Rev. Todd Glacy

“Rev. Todd Glacy, Sacred Sound and Living

Enlightenment Advocate, Empowerment Educator, Instigator of Joy.

For over 3 decades Rev. Todd Glacy has been sharing his passion and wisdom for helping people improve self awareness, foster creative expression, increase community connection, and improve physical/emotional/mental/spiritual well being in order to live more fulfilling, happy and healthy lives.

With a background and training as a professional speaker, musician, counselor, teacher, facilitator, mentor and interfaith minister, Todd brings a unique breadth and depth of experience and practices to his programs which are designed to inspire people to relax, tune it, reconnect and authentically express who they are in a way that promotes introspection, transformation, understanding, deep connection and profound gratitude for all the gifts we experience on this Life’s Journey.

Between 2016 and 2019 Todd and his partner Sue Vittner embarked on a “Van Life” mobile lifestyle traveling/touring extensively across the country and offering talks, concerts, workshops and ceremonies on spiritual wellness at a variety of churches, yoga studios, wellness communities and spiritual centers nationwide. Post-pandemic, they now reside in Portland, Maine and remain active in a variety of wellness and education roles both online and in person helping promote peace, wellness, consciousness and community.