The OM Festival Vermont Vendor Setup FAQ’s

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OM Festival Setup
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Vendors can start setting up on Wednesday, July 26th. The OM Festival Vermont gates open at 4 PM for all attendees.

Vendor Maps will be sent out before the festival (about one week) and our Vendor Welcome Packet.  Since our festivals are outside (We deal with Mother Nature i.e. it might rain and it is all muddy, or there are ants all over a certain area ) we might need to move folks around a bit to make things flow and operations work. Thus, we usually don’t identify “exactly” where you will be at the show in case we need to make last minute changes at the venue.  Thus, we put vendors in Zones based on the package they purchased.  VIP and Premiere Booth spaces are the exception and is one way to guarantee your prime spot at the festival. Once you arrive one of our team members will show you where to set up in your zone. First come, first serve basis thus, if you want the best spot you need to arrive on Wed, July 24th to setup.

Vendors can start setting up on Wednesday, July 24th at 11 AM. Festival gates open at 4 PM for all attendees. We highly encourage all vendors to arrive early and setup on Wed before the majority of attendees arrive.  We would like Vendors to be fully setup by Thursday, July 25th at 9:30 AM as the first set of classes starting at 10 AM. The Vendor Village is right by the Big Kahuna Tent and the main Inn and classes nearby so aesthetically and operationally it will look best if you are setup and ready to go Thur morning.  We highly encourage you to setup on Wed.  You are also encouraged to run your booth at night with lights as we have live music every night in the main barn from 7-11 PM and all folks will be walking from the Inn to the main barn every night.

Please reach out to your on site vendor contact  (Their phone number will be emailed to you as it is part of our Vendor Welcome Packet)  if you have any vendor related questions.  Vendor Check In will be inside The West Mountain Inn where you will get your parking passes, wristbands and vendor information for the festival.

Do NOT drive on the West Mountain Inn lawn.  A designated unloading location will be assigned and vendor MUST adhere to their unloading specific location. We highly encourage you to setup on Wed before our attendees arrive and before the gates open for the kickoff of the festival.

Depending upon your booth package purchased your booth location assignment will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis in our Vendor Village.  Sponsors  receive top priority for prime locations.

All vendors must have their setup complete by 9:30 A.M. on Thursday, July 25th Vendor Village and classes start at 10:00 AM on Thursday, July 25th. However, the gates open on Wed, July 24th at 4 PM and we will allow vendors on site starting at 11 AM on Wednesday, July 24th to setup.   We open the gates on Wed and encourage you to setup earlier in the day on Wed before our attendees start arriving as operationally it will be easier to setup and you will have more time to setup on Wed.

Vendor space and tent setup should be creative and aesthetically pleasing. We support individuality and want your light to shine. This will contribute to all attendees’ festival experience.  We highly encourage you to think big and try to create an experience in your booth that will encourage attendees to interact with you and keep coming back. Examples, skincare company offers mini treatments and have a sign-up sheet. Candle makers do a demo on candle making or a mini talk or workshop etc. Tea company decorates their space as a “Tea House” so folks come in and sit down and relax etc…

Yes, if you are setting up your own tent it must be weighted down.  Previous vendors have brought five gallon pails with rocks, cement. Others have brought concrete slabs, others bring big rocks, SCUBA weights or sandbags.

No, please plan on bringing people with you to help with setup and breakdown of your tent, tables and chairs. We have a very small team and are not able to setup your booth. Plan on bringing helpers for setup and breakdown as our team is just too small to help all vendors setup their equipment and tents.

Do not leave anything behind. If you leave trash in your booth space you will be fined an additional $250. Take all garbage to dumpster on site or take it home with you.   Leave no trace.

We recommend wearing comfortable shoes. Bring tape, clips, safety pins, duct tape, electric tape, rocks, weights, extra clips, a pair of scissors, chairs, tables, tablecloths, sunglasses, lots of water/juice and sunscreen.  Don’t forget your cash box, mailing list, pens, phone charger, paper etc…  Please remember that this is outside and it is windy. It is usually very windy. Please bring extra rocks and weighted items to help your booth items not fly away.

Our booths do NOT include tents, tables or chairs.  Many of our vendors have their own branded tents and want to bring them.  You must bring your tent, tables, chairs and outdoor solar lights if you want them with you.

If you need electric you must sign up and pay for a booth that needs electric when you register.   Also please  be sure to bring your own extension cords and duct tape/electricians tape to tape down the cords.  Your extension cord needs to measure at least 25 ft and our team will get you set up.  Please note, we are not able to give you electric if you don’t sign up for it in advance as the booths that need electric will all be together in one zone.   Please discuss in advance.

After you unload, you will need to park in a nearby designated Vendor specific parking lot which is closest to Vendor Village. There is only 1 spot available per vendor in vendor parking. If you have multiple cars for your team you will need to purchase a parking pass, one time pass for the entire festival and park in our festival parking lot. We encourage car pooling.

Please do not park in in areas blocking access. If you park in an illegal zone you might be towed at your own expense.  We are not responsible for damage/theft to your vehicle.  We are asking all vendors to put their phone numbers on their dashboard in case we need to contact you and have you move your car/van.

Vendor Village runs from 10 AM – 4 PM each day.  Vendors can NOT break down until 4 P.M. on Sunday, July 28th.

NO EXCEPTIONS. DO NOT LEAVE ANY GARBAGE OR TRASH BEHIND OR YOU WILL BE FINED!    Attendees will be arriving for their classes starting at 10 AM each day.

Sunday, July 28th – The Vendor Village flips and becomes The OM Market and opens up for FREE to the general public.

We highly encourage you to keep your booth open until  the end of the festival on Sun, July 28th.  However, we understand that this is a multi day event and some of you might need to leave earlier.  If you plan on leaving earlier please let us know in advance as this will affect where we place your booth for festival aesthetics as we don’t want holes in the middle of “Vendor Village” from folks who left early.  We are a green company, please take out what you take in and help keep the West Mountain Inn and grounds clean.
Our small team of volunteers and Sam and Aime will be out there at the end of the event picking up. Please take your garbage to the dumpsters on site or take it home with you. Do not leave it where your booth was located. We are just as tired after you after this festival and we don’t want to be hauling away your boxes and garbage.

Please pick up all trash in your area. Do not leave any samples, products, boxes or any kind of trash behind. You will be FINED $250 by OM (Your credit card on file will be charged $250) and you will be blacklisted for future events if you leave a mess.

Loading up  must be done quickly.  Be mindful of other vendors, children and festival goers.  Do not block the pathway with your car, drive slow as it is dark outside, look out for children and festival goers. Please use the same loading space as your assigned unloading procedures.  Please only park in vendor parking.

No, we pay for your vendor permits for  so you don’t have to worry about registering with the city and getting a tax business license. NOTE, food trucks must follow the State of Vermont policies though and obtain a food truck vendor license and be inspected by health dept. We do not pay for food truck vendor fees with the town as it is a different process.

Current vendor prices are listed online.   If you are looking for the best deal we highly encourage you to sign up early.  All vendors purchase a booth and based on number of people working in your booth will be required to purchase a vendor buddy pass at $299.

No, our booth packages DO NOT INCLUDE A TENT.  DO NOT INCLUDE TABLES.  DO NOT INCLUDE CHAIRS and DO NOT INCLUDE ELECTRIC.  Be prepared to bring your own equipment and team to setup your tents, tables and chairs.

Tables, chairs, tents and electric are NOT included but you can reach out to a local tent/events company and order this equipment. We recommend signing up in advance as they companies get booked out way in advance.

Booth prices go up as we get closer to the event.  Sign up early to guarantee your spot. Last year we sold out and turned away a lot of vendors.

If you are bringing people who will be staying at the festival they must purchase a Vendor Buddy Pass.  After four people in your booth folks need to purchase a full priced general admission ticket to work in your booth. Kids 12 and under are FREE!

Sorry we are not giving away any FREE tickets. You will get a ticket discount code that you can use to promote the festival.  If you need assistance with your ticket codes please contact

Including but not limited to the following: social marketing including (Facebook & Instagram), PR firm, and digital marketing campaigns per city.  We have over 14,000 followers online, national press, gorilla marketing, local magazines, radio and print marketing.

Yes.  If you are a food vendor you might need additional insurance and a special permit and follow the Health Department standards and guidelines before giving away food or drink samples.  Additional fees and or permits may be required.  No alcohol allowed to be served at this event.

Vendors are expected to attend the entire duration of the event. If there are health reasons or an emergency preventing you from attending, please contact Ramona at as soon as possible. A vendor that is a no show/no call is not acceptable, as an absence will disrupt the planned layout and appearance of the event.  Sorry no refunds.

We encourage you to have samples, participate in the social media drawings per hour and interact with our attendees. We strongly encourage you to donate something to the VIP goodie bag to represent your brand for these attendees. Please coordinate in advance.

Each person working the tent/booth for vendors is required to sign the Indemnification and Waiver of Liability Agreement that is found on our website before the event. You must sign them up in advance, they must be wearing a vendor wristband to work at the event.

All vendors must fill out all of the paperwork and submit payment in FULL to be included at The OM Festival. We cannot guarantee a space if you do not sign the contract and or fill out your credit card authorization form.  We must have final before the event. We will supply a vendor site location map as we get closer to the event. Location placement will be assigned by the Yoga Fun Day Sales Team and based on your package that you purchase.  First come, first serve basis for the event location vendor booth/tent zones.

Yes there is FREE WIFI at the Inn. However, we always tell our vendors to plan for the worst as it might only work inside the inn. Do not plan on wifi working.  Please plan accordingly. Plan for a backup in case your credit card machine doesn’t work or smart phone has no connection. Although, the cell phone towers are ok we have found that Verizon phones work best in this area of Vermont.  TMobile and ATT do not work very well at all.

We recommend knowing where the nearest Home Depot, Walmart is located and coordinating in advance how you will get there and transport back your extra equipment. We do not have extra equipment to loan out. Please bring everything you need for the festival.

No, sorry they can’t accept or store your packages, booths or products.  Please make prior arrangements for load in and load out.

No. Prices are non-refundable. No exceptions. No refunds.  In the event of postponing the event there are NO REFUNDS. We will roll over your booth and honor your price for the next event.  Absolutely no refunds.

Vendors are not allowed to break down before 4 PM on Sunday, July 28th.   Vendors can’t leave early even if you have sold out of your items. Please plan accordingly and have someone to cover your booth if you personally have to leave.  Please find Sam or Al if you have an emergency at the festival or our Director of Operations.

Since this is a Transformational Festival and we are together as a community several days we highly encourage you to think big and try to come up with an experience that attendees can do in your booth and or at the festival. This way they keep coming back to your booth for more!  For example, if you sell skincare why not do FREE skin analysis session?   Or have a table and do a demo sign up sheet with mini facials where folks can sign up in advance, come back and you can put the product on the attendee and do a demo of your products at certain hours?  If you sell makeup can you have a chair and do makeup applications and or teach people how to put it on or get their fun festival vibe on?   If you make wine can you do a tasting or make soap can you help teach folks how to do it?  We want to work with you to get as much traffic as we can to your booth.

We totally understand the challenges of being a solopreneur and/or entrepreneur and having kids. NOTE:  Kids 12 and under are FREE! No, you don’t have to purchase an additional GA ticket if your kids are helping you with your booth.  We are not going to charge you for an additional GA ticket to help work your booth if they are under 12.  If they are older (Under 17) and your kids are helping with you in your booth let our team know and we will work with you behind the scenes to make it all flow and work.  Let’s do this!  Time to go OM!